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At Interac, we design and deliver products and solutions that give Canadians control over their money so they can get more out of life. But that’s not all. Whether we’re leading real-time money movement, driving innovative commerce solutions like open payments for transit systems, or making advancements in new areas like verification and open banking, we are playing a key role in shaping the future of the digital economy in Canada. 

Want to make a lasting impact amongst a community of creative thinkers, problem solvers, and high-performance application developers? We want to hear from you. 

As the Head of Marketing and Communications, you will lead the development and implementation of integrated marketing and communications strategies and activations to drive the business pipeline, raise awareness, engage stakeholders, and drive support for our mission. You will oversee a team responsible for corporate communications, brand management, digital and integrated marketing, product marketing, and sponsorship and partner marketing. 


  • Driving the marketing and communications operations of the company including the development and execution of the enterprise marketing and communications strategy to achieve business objectives. 

  • Shepherding the development and growth of the company's brand identity, ensuring consistency across all communication channels, driving brand positioning, and messaging consistency across all touchpoints. 

  • Managing the marketing budget and allocating resources effectively to maximize ROI. 

  • Working closely with the Strategy team to leverage market trends, competitor activities, and customer insights to identify opportunities for growth. 

  • Collaborating cross-functionally with Product, Client, and other teams to ensure alignment and synergy. 

  • Measuring and reporting on the performance of marketing campaigns, activations, and initiatives. Leading efforts to enhance brand visibility and recognition across the Canadian ecosystem and with the target audience.​ 

  • Cultivating relationships with media outlets, journalists, and industry influencers to secure positive coverage and manage the company's public image.​ 

  • Creating and managing crisis communication plans to address potential reputational challenges.​ 

  • Building positive relationships across shareholder and targeted ecosystem marketing and communications teams​. 

  • Developing and executing internal communication strategies and managing communications assets to engage and inform employees about company initiatives, goals, and updates.​ 

  • Crafting and distributing external communications, including press releases, corporate announcements, and thought leadership content.​ 

  • Overseeing the GTM campaigns, product messaging, product marketing materials, and activations to drive demand and growth​. 

  • Driving the company's digital marketing efforts, including website management, social media, email marketing, and online advertising campaigns. ​ 

  • Developing a management system for measuring campaign effectiveness and ROI of marketing spend.​ 

  • Conducting market research to identify emerging trends, customer preferences, and competitive positioning.​ 

  • Using data-driven insights to refine marketing strategies and improve campaign effectiveness.​ 

  • Managing and developing a team of marketing and communication professionals, providing guidance, mentoring, and performance evaluations.​ 

  • Fostering a collaborative and innovative work environment to encourage team growth and creativity.​  Championing the corporate profile and overseeing sponsorship activities to ensure positive exposure, sentiment and ROI. 


  • 10 years of hands-on experience as the leader of an enterprise marketing and communications function. 

  • Proven experience in defining, tracking, and optimizing key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics that align with strategic business objectives and marketing goals. 

  • Eligibility to work for Interac Corp. in Canada in a full-time capacity.  

  • Sound understanding of industry and market dynamics including payment, tech, fintech, etc.​  

  • Considerable experience in large-scale / complex systems and operations delivery, and crisis management. 

  • Exceptional interpersonal skills with a proven track record of fostering positive relationships with stakeholders, clients, and team members. 

  • Considerable experience developing and implementing crisis management plans and protocols to effectively respond to and mitigate reputational, operational, or market-related crises. Capable of leading cross-functional teams, communicating transparently, and executing crisis response strategies to restore stakeholder confidence and trust. 

  • Proficiency in implementing agile marketing methodologies and iterative approaches to adapt quickly to changing market dynamics and consumer preferences. 

  • Experience fostering collaboration, alignment, and buy-in among cross-functional teams, stakeholders, and senior leadership to drive consensus on marketing strategies, priorities, and initiatives. 

  • The ability to understand stakeholder needs, expectations, and interests, and effectively communicate marketing strategies, results, and impact to foster trust and engagement. Capable of negotiating partnerships, managing contracts, and aligning resources to maximize value creation and achieve marketing goals. 

  • The dedication to foster a positive and inclusive work culture that encourages creativity, innovation, and continuous learning among marketing teams. 

  • Solid understanding of industry trends, consumer behavior, and competitive landscape to inform strategic decision-making and drive innovation in marketing strategies and tactics. 

  • The skills associated with a digital native - analyzing digital marketing performance metrics, optimizing campaign ROI, and staying ahead of digital marketing trends and emerging technologies. Experience developing and executing integrated digital marketing campaigns encompassing SEO, SEM, social media, email marketing, content marketing, and digital advertising. 

Interac requires employees to complete a background check that is completed by one of our service providers. We use this service to complete the following checks:

  • 5-year employment verification;
  • Canadian criminal record check;
  • Education verification;
  • Canadian ID cross-check;
  • Public safety verification; and
  • Credit inquiry


We know that exceptional people have great ideas and are passionate about their work.  Our culture encourages excellence and actively rewards contributions with:

Connection: You’re surrounded by talented people every day who are driven by their passion of a common goal.

Core Values:  They define us. Living them helps us be the best at what we do.

Compensation & Benefits: Pay is driven by individual and corporate performance and we provide a multitude of benefits and perks.

Education: To ensure you are the best at what you do we invest in you

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