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  • You create and proactively manage the customer journey.
  • You develop and lead the execution of programs that help customers find Kangaroo, and develop them into valuable, lifetime customers.
  • You travel the customer journey to ensure that Kangaroo is designed to optimize their ordering experience and lifetime value.


  • At Kangaroo, you will a make a big impact
  • You will increase Kangaroo's customer count and revenue
  • You will provide key input to the Product Development team to make the customer journey easy and enjoyable
  • You will propose where marketing resources will be utilized to achieve the best outcome

Things you'll love doing

  • Analyzing data, and moving fast to use it
  • Collaborating with the Kangaroo team, to make all aspects of the customer experience easy and enjoyable
  • Embracing a metrics-driven approach to tracking, assessing, optimizing, and interpreting results
  • Establishing targets and being relentless about achieving them
  • Impacting the pipeline of customers: acquire, convert, retain; win their heart
  • Learning from the customer data platform (which of course, you have helped to define and implement)
  • Leveraging Digital Marketing, SEO and web analytics
  • Scaling and growing fast
  • Staying on top of the latest trends (eg, what are Google and Apple up to?)
  • Thinking about customers, what makes them tick, what makes them order from Kangaroo
  • Utilizing growth-hacking tactics to drive continuous new customer acquisition

Things we'll love about you

  • You are aggressive with your goals, and enjoy holding yourself accountable to achieve them
  • You are an expert at tracking, analyzing, and interpreting relevant pipeline metrics
  • You are always focused on connecting marketing efforts to business results, specifically growth and revenue
  • You have worked with fast-paced marketing teams before and know how to empower a team to own and execute initiatives
  • You have mastery over marketing tools and know how to extract data to make better decisions
  • You are experienced with owning and managing all elements of the marketing tech stack, from digital ad platforms to marketing automation, to analytics tools
  • You are crisp, articulate and can share relevant, concise narratives with leadership and peer teams
  • You have strong project management skills and possess a superb attention to detail
  • You are energetic, results-oriented, positive, and generally, a good person to work with

Benefits & Perks

  • Awesome work environment at a young company with a huge vision at the beginning of a growth curve in local market delivery.
  • Friendly, energetic culture.
  • An incredible team committed to working together, having fun, and doing what it takes to make dreams come true.
  • Flexibility to work from home when you need, and you'll love our head-office location in beautiful downtown Halifax, seconds from the harbour with loads of activities, restaurants, and services.
  • Competitive compensation

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