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Position: Sr. Marketing Manager

Location: Ottawa, ON


We are seeking a dynamic Sr. Marketing Manager to lead the marketing function and develop impactful collateral for our growing medical devices division. In this role, the Senior Marketing Manager will craft and manage our marketing and brand strategies while focusing on early commercialization functions. Collaborating closely with sales, the role combines strategic planning and hands-on responsibilities to support the organization in achieving its commercial goals.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Lead downstream marketing activities, including product launches, campaigns, events, and collaborations with Sales and Clinical teams.

  • Enhance brand awareness/engagement through tailored messaging and educational programs.

  • Analyze education needs, perform market segmentation, and collaborate with the commercial team to implement peer-to-peer education events.

  • Collaborate with clinical and product marketing teams to communicate relevant clinical information effectively, boosting brand and product awareness.

  • Design and execute segmented marketing programs and sales campaigns to enhance marketing and commercialization strategies.

  • Feature new products and messages in various advertisement platforms, patient brochures, and print and digital tools.

  • Identify and address adoption barriers in referral pathways by organizing and distributing marketing collaterals and tools.

  • Cultivate a thorough understanding of target markets, evolving technology, healthcare trends, competitive dynamics, and geographic-specific factors.

  • Stay informed on current literature, emerging science, technological developments and trends, and competitive products.


  • 2-5 years of specialized experience in healthcare marketing, marketing program management, clinical education, or a combination with sales.

  • Experience in medical device marketing is essential, preferably in a high-growth company environment.

  • A blend of marketing and sales experience is ideal.

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