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Who We Are

Babylist is the trusted platform for millions of growing families. For over a decade, Babylist has been the technology solution for expecting parents and the community that supports them, expanding from baby registry into a full-service platform that helps parents make decisions with confidence, stay connected, and build happy and healthy families. Every year Babylist helps over 9M people make purchases through its registry, app, ecommerce shop, and comprehensive product guides. The Babylist ecosystem now includes Babylist Health, which provides access to products and services including insurance-covered breast pumps, Expectful, a new voice in health and wellness for pre-pregnancy through postpartum care, and The Push, a branded content studio that works with the biggest companies in the baby space. With over 59M monthly pageviews and 1.2M TikTok followers, Babylist is a generational brand leading the $88 billion baby product industry. To learn about Babylist's registry options, editorial content, and more, visit

Our Ways of Working

We have team members located across the United States spanning multiple time zones. This means we put in extra effort to make sure we connect and collaborate in ways that make sense for us. We know how valuable the flexibility of remote work is for our employees.

We know that personal connection is the foundation for the great work we do together. In order to build those relationships with team members in other cities, we meet with coworkers in person two times a year at a full company offsite and a departmental offsite. These offsites are expected of employees and are great opportunities to meet the people you work with every day and to do some of the work that is much more difficult to do virtually.

What the Role Is

As the Senior Technical Product Manager,Marketing Platforms at Babylist, you will help define the tools and experiences needed to help Babylist users discover the right product (or service) at the right time. This role will interact with leaders from across the company, including: product, tech, analytics, design, marketing, and merchandising (and frequent c-level updates). This means you will need to develop a strategy, timeline, and mechanisms to ensure that we have robust (data driven) debates, make the right calls, and remain transparent with on time delivery for our users.

Millions of expecting parents choose Babylist to help them plan for their growing families. They turn to us for content, discovery, registry building, gift management, personal health, and much more. Your role will be to define and implement a technology platform that helps our teams reach these growing families at the right time and place. This will include updating our existing platforms like our Content Management System and our Home Feed, working with new platforms like Message Center, SMS, and A/B platform, and helping define and build new capabilities to manage customer messaging at scale. These new capabilities could include user segmentation and targeting, content optimization, multi-armed bandits, and ideas that you bring to the table.

Who You Are

  • You have a proven track record as a world class Technical Product leader. You can speak in detail to examples of insightful strategy development, execution and delivery, and strong consumer advocacy
  • Your development background shows a deep understanding of building complicated platforms and providing insight via data and best practices
  • You have a strong background in tech and customer-centric product development. You have worked with multiple stakeholders and side-by-side with design and engineering
  • You believe in building on a foundation of data and analytics. You have a strong spidey-sense for when something may be off and can go multiple levels deep into the data (or elsewhere) to find the root cause. You fix issues in a durable and visible way
  • You bring clarity to ambiguity. You naturally create mental models and share these more broadly to achieve alignment (or learn where the model breaks). You have examples of choosing to simplify problem areas in order to move teams forward
  • You have experience with multiple company wide platforms. These could include CMS, SMS, A/B testing, or home-grown solutions. You can speak to best practices and anti-patterns for scale

How You Will Make An Impact

  • You deeply understand the connections across Babylist and develop platforms that capitalize on our core strengths. You operate with a mantra of ?no surprises? and understand how to directly connect our technical product investments to business outcomes.
  • You deeply understand Babylist teams and the different ways in which they use tools. You have a strong qualitative and quantitative understanding of what works well enough and where we can create ROI. You apply this understanding in your communications and choices to create insights and drive alignment with our platform decisions.
  • You will develop the Media Platform Strategy and create the ongoing mechanisms (e.g., goals, MBRs, KPIs) to ensure a high performing, and transparent development process.
  • You will be a strong partner with Design and Engineering leadership. You have deep conversations speaking in technical or design terms. You build credibility by recommending high-bar ways forward when teams are stuck.
  • You will think big and act small when needed. This means having a clear long-term vision while delivering value each cycle. You don't let teams get hung up or overinvest in the pursuit of a false sense of perfection

Why You Will Love Working At Babylist

  • We invest in the infrastructure you'll need to be supported and successful: tools, opportunities to connect with colleagues, and a stipend to help you set up your office
  • We build products that have a positive impact on millions of people's lives
  • We work at a sustainable pace which means work/life balance is a real thing here
  • We believe technology and data can solve hard problems
  • We believe in exceptional management
  • We are an antiracist organization and doing the work to support differences of all kinds
  • We offer competitive pay and meaningful opportunities for career advancement
  • We have great benefits like company paid medical, dental, and vision, a generous paid parental leave policy, and 401k with company match
  • We care about employee wellbeing with perks for physical, mental and emotional health, parenting, childcare, and financial planning

Babylist takes a market-based approach to pay, and pay may vary depending on your location. Your actual base salary will depend on factors such as your skills, qualifications, experience, and work location.

The estimated pay range for this role is CAN $153,500.00 -$191,315.00

In addition, Babylist offers equity, bonus, and benefits, including company paid health, dental and vision insurance, 401(k) matching, flexible spending account, and paid leave (including PTO and parental leave) in accordance with our applicable plans and policies.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Our company takes the security and privacy of job applicants very seriously. We will never ask for payment, bank details, or personal financial information as part of the application process. All of our legitimate job postings can be found on our official career site. Please be cautious of job offers that come from non-company email addresses (, instant messaging platforms or unsolicited calls.


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