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Contractor, Administrative Assistant

Our company is seeking an Administrative Assistant to be a part of our admin team to support our Engineering Design & Technology team. We are looking for an individual who is efficient and comfortable working in a team environment, has the ability to multi-task, while maintaining complex schedules. The ideal candidate for this job has excellent customer facing skills, is resourceful, a good problem solver and organized. Assuring a steady completion of workload in a timely manner is key to success in this position.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Communicating and addressing individual employee requests on a daily basis
  • Generate departmental communications and reports when appropriate
  • Process timesheets, travel and expense reports
  • Coordinate facility & maintenance requests
  • Maintain office supplies by checking inventory and order items
  • Respond to questions and requests for information
  • Assist/back-up with administrative tasks for the department as required
  • Implement and monitor departmental projects as required


  • College Diploma in Office Administration
  • Proficiency in MS Office with expertise in Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint
  • Ability to analyze and revise operating practices to improve efficiency
  • Detail oriented and comfortable working in a fast-paced office environment
  • Exceptional communication skills
  • Superior organization skills and dedication to completing projects in a timely manner
  • Strong emphasis on providing excellent customer service in a busy & changing environment

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Advanced Microsoft Office skills (Excel, Word and Power Point)

Physical Conditions and Hazards:

The conditions in which an individual or staff works, including but not limited to such things as amenities, physical environment, stress and noise levels, degree of safety or danger, temperature, location.

1) Physical Environment: Office

2) Hazards: NA

Physical Demands Description:

This section objectively captures and describes the physical demands that are required to perform a particular job or role. Usually completed by the ergonomist

Usual mobility demands required are standing, walking, sitting, and stair climbing to access upper offices.

Equipment Utilized:

This section describes the type of equipment an employee is required to use:



Mobile device

Medical Surveillance

May include: Anthropometrical Size Restrictions depending on task

Personal Protective Equipment:

Applicable when interacting with shop floor (safety shoes, safety glasses, hearing protection. extraction coveralls)

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