The Mirego firm is looking forward to returning to the office to reopen the splendid office-cottage it built in 2017.

These days, the digital product creation firm Mirego, which has offices in Quebec City and Montreal, observes the recommendations of public health by asking its 125 employees to stay at home and work remotely.

However, it is with impatience that it awaits a sanitary upturn to reopen the splendid office-cottage that it built three years ago in Charlevoix.

An extension of the company’s offices

This extension of the company’s physical premises will also play a key role in the post-pandemic Mirego culture. The office nestled in the woods, called “Mirechalet”, has the capacity to accommodate about thirty people (maximum) by day, and to lodge about fifteen people for the night.

We spoke with Albert Dang-Vu, Co-President of Mirego, to understand the company’s approach.

« By building the cottage, we wanted to give our team members the opportunity to go beyond the daily 9-to-5work routine. The cottage offers a different environment. Nature allows us to think differently, it contributes to inspiration and creativity. Also, when we have lunch and supper together, it creates a proximity that allows us to build long-term bonds and friendships. »

The cottage was used this summer, in accordance with sanitary measures.

« I think it creates comfort to see other people in contexts other than on Zoom or Teams all the time. Human relationships can’t just be virtual. »

This atypical workplace, used for team meetings, project follow-ups, brainstorming and meetings with clients, attracted the attention of the angel investor and founder of CultureIQ, Greg Besner, who decided to include Mirego’s initiative in his new book The Culture Quotient.

Among the other initiatives deployed this summer to give employees the opportunity to socialize, Mirego organized BBQs in a reduced team of 5-6 people, among direct team managers.

Albert Dang-Vu, Co-president of Mirego

Towards a hybrid culture, office-home-cottage

The cottage is currently not accessible during this second wave, but Mirego’s Co-President is already seeing the role that the cottage will play after the pandemic, in a context where the company has decided to deploy a “free choice” telework policy.

« With remote work, of the employees’ choosing, we will then have the opportunity to conduct meetings at the cottage, launch a project or follow up on a project, for one, two, three days. »

The Co-President understands the potential of working from home when it comes to individual tasks. However, he continues to believe that to join a work team, it is necessary to “see each other” in person sometimes.

« The cottage is a place for inspiration and creation, but also for collaboration, learning and building relationships within our teams. »

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