Digital influencer marketing agency Clark Influence explains what TikTok is and how this emerging social network can be an opportunity for brands.

Would it be possible for you to do without Instagram as a sales channel in 2021? The answer is most likely: no (hopefully!). TikTok is about to become the new indispensable in digital marketing. Why? We explain the essential to know about TikTok in five points.

But what is TikTok?

Mobile app, social network, content creation tool, TikTok is all in one. In the space of just five years, the youngest of the social network siblings has succeeded in attracting more than a billion users. This is THE new obsession of Generation Z, the majority on the platform.

But also, more recently, those 30 years and older took over the platform during the first confinement and who do not tire of it anymore! Forget the traditional static publications and bet everything on video content! And here, TikTok knows how to do it! Thanks to a complete catalogue of simple features, creativity has never been more present than on this social network.

Putting content creation at the heart of the platform’s mechanism: a strategic choice that has been proven and already imitated, albeit imperfectly, by its elder Instagram.

Why does it work?

Because everyone is familiar with it: influencers with wider creative possibilities, brands that have a new virtual showcase to promote their products and users who are always greedier of content to consume.

This endless stream of likes, comments and shares makes TikTok one of the most addictive and popular social networks. It is also, as part of an influence campaign, the possibility for brands to reach a ROI record.

How to position on TikTok?

The general public positioning of TikTok is one of the main advantages of the application. It is due to the viral spread of information that amplifies the reach of content more than any other social network. Take a look at #kitkatchallenge and you will understand! This hashtag alone has more than 25 million views on the platform.

Here, we have a privileged opportunity to reach your current and potential targets, provided we know how to decline users’ creative codes. Colour, fun, all degrees of fantasy, light or absurd, are welcome. The best is to use TikTokers, the experts in the field, which prove to be one of the most effective marketing levers of the platform.

What TikTokers are for my brand?

The idea is to highlight those who will bring your brand message to the right audience without compromising their personal creative vision. And that is a good thing, because there are choices. So, how do you navigate to be sure to reach your audience?

First thing to check: Who is your TikToker for? Who makes up their community and how big is it? Second: How do they communicate? In what tone do they address their community and what type of content do they promote the most? Third and final point: How do they perform? We are talking about the traditional success indicators of social media: engagement rate, number of views, number of shares, scope, etc.

Feeling lost? No worries, specialized agencies exist and are a sure way to navigate. They will know how to find the best TikTokers to embody your brand by recruiting for you the emerging talents of the platform. They will check the demographics of their TikTok audiences and negotiate contracts!

How much does all this cost?

The million-dollar question! To avoid pitfalls and unpleasant surprises, it is best to call on an influencer marketing agency. They will present you with a personalized budget and answer all your questions.

The amount of the quote will be determined according to several criteria: the duration of the campaign, the number of profiles participating, the number and type of content to be created, etc. Being accompanied by professionals is very often the winning tactic to start on TikTok.

So? Ready to explore Eldorado?

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