The holiday season will be unsurprisingly slow and quiet with the different social distancing measures put in place. A perfect time to listen to podcasts while sipping flavanol-flavored hot chocolates (it’s good for your neurons!) or while taking long beautiful walks outside.

Here are 4 podcasts that will help you advance your career.

1. Travailler mieux with Jean-François Bertholet

Jean-François Bertholet is an organization development consultant, also contributor for the Revue Gestion magazine. When he talks about the work world, he knows what’s up.

In the new Travailler mieux series, launched on OHdio, the consultant approaches email processing efficiency, salary negotiation and other work related issues.

« Emails are an indispensable work tool, as explained on the show’s website. Managing our inbox hogs more than two hours of our time a day. You will see that good email managing includes more efficient writing and good inbox cleaning habits. »

Episode you should listen to first : Le courriel : atout ou calamité?

2. WorkLife with Adam Grant

The entertaining and scholarly organizational psychologist Adam Grant tackles serious work topics : culture, authenticity, productivity, and so on and so forth, as part of his WorkLife podcast, produced by TedTalk.

The episodes offer a clever mix of inspirational speeches, management literature references and the testimonies of managers faced with different issues.

Adam Grant is the kind of interviewer who contradicts his guests – with a study for instance – to bring the conversation to a new, deeper level. The goal is not to hurt his guests feelings, but to bring the conversation beyond work-related myths.

Episode you should listen to first : «Authenticity Is a Double-Edged Sword»

3. How to be awesome at your work with Pete Mockaitis

“Focus on what you can control, not on what you can’t control”, “Resilience comes with practice, it’s a muscle, something to develop…” are the types of gems you will find in the “coach in Chief” and work productivity specialist Pete Mockaitis’ podcast.

As opposed to the previous podcast, which tackles major existential concepts (« What is authenticity? »), Pete Mockaitis tracks practical advice from his guests. He doesn’t do well with generalities. He wants to know how his guests put what they recommend into practice.

Episode you should listen to first : «How to Banish the Four Habits of Time Wasting with Steve Glaveski»

4. Go Pyrate! with Maurice Lefebvre and Olivier Fortier

I have to say I was baffled when I first saw the Go Pyrate! team appear on my Linkedin feed. Two adults, dressed in pirate costumes, discussing management issues… really?

But after listening to some of their shows – available as audio on iTunes, and as video on YouTube – I have to lower my flags and my weapons. These two gentlemen know what they are talking about.

Olivier Fortier and Maurice Lefebvre speak from experience. The two managers have been around for long enough to be able to speak their truths. They try, with a lot of authenticity, to bring balance to boss/employees relationships.

Go Pyrate! speaks to an executive public looking to improve their management skills as well as to employees who want to obtain more autonomy and independence in their professional life.

Have a nice time listening, and a good year!

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