A few must-haves to renew your digital marketing in 2023

Isarta welcomed Francis Jetté, consultant in digital content strategy and social media. During this conference, the expert and host of The Social Show podcast shared some good practices to have a better presence on social media.

Participants from across the province were virtually gathered for the occasion. From the outset, Francis Jetté told them that in 2023, he sees more the amplification of trends already underway than new trends per se.

These include the growing popularity of video streaming content, the abandonment of third-party cookies and the use of artificial intelligence tools such as ChatGPT.

He went on to share various best practices in terms of social media management, while addressing some well-established misconceptions in the field.

Publish less, publish better

His first piece of advice concerned the frequency of publications on social media. According to the consultant, many organizations would benefit from prioritizing the quality of their publications rather than the quantity. According to him, it is not necessary to publish every day as many seem to be obliged to do. A break in publications will not have an impact on its reach.

He also advises organizations to produce more engaging content, and not to aim directly at generating sales or leads. A humorous publication or a tip of the day are examples of engaging content that can be appreciated by its subscribers and that can generate engagement.

Francis Jetté also suggests publishing on multiple platforms to maximize your reach (not everyone follows you on each of your platforms). In this regard, he considers it a good practice to prioritize cross-platform formats, to adapt your content to them, and to distribute the same content according to their importance.

Invest in your best content

Many organizations tend to pay to increase the reach of their less successful publications. Francis Jetté suggested, during his conference, that they also invest part of their budget on their best publications. He also suggested investing part of your budget on acquisition and conversion campaigns.

Finally, he recommends not to neglect the fact of testing your content. Not only should you test your Facebook ads, but also those on TikTok or YouTube.

For Francis Jetté, in terms of social media management, every time you hear “you have to do this” or “you have to do that”, you have to be wary. The advice that follows will probably be wrong!