The new Axios site: the TikTok application is currently developing a job posting platform for employers. A platform separate from the mobile application of videos known to young people is currently being developed in beta version.

The “pilot project” will first be available to a few major brands, including companies from the sports world.

The platform is not an integrated product in TikTok itself, but rather will be presented on a web page accessible by the mobile app where brands will be able to post their job offers, mainly junior positions.”

According to Axios, users will be able to submit a video CV in TikTok format rather than a traditional CV.

The idea is to give users the opportunity to do an elevator pitch or summarize their work experience in a unique way using the video.”

Ultimately, TikTok’s strategy would be to ask users to make their video CV public to increase the visibility of its new service and the postings posted on it.

End of playtime on TikTok?

Currently, the Chinese platform is known for its videos of rant, practical jokes and self-mockery. Will the increased presence of employers seeking to recruit young Gen Z talent lead to more restraint on the part of young users? Will we see the emergence of a more serious TikTok, in “suit-and-tie”, with users more anxious to project a more serious professional image?

What is clear is that recruiters have been interested in the application for some time. More and more career advice channels are being created on the platform. In an article of the Washington Post, we learned that the hashtag #careeradvice has been steadily growing on the platform since the beginning of the year, reaching up to 80 million daily views by mid-February.

Among the tiktokers who give job search advice, there is at least one Quebec example: coach Blanche Richer (see profile “la_minute_rh” on TikTok) creates job search advice videos… some of which have reached 25,000 views! Her favourite topics: CV writing, interview preparation and awareness of pay issues for youth.

In a statement issued last year, TikTok executives announced their intention to diversify the content of its video publishing and distribution platform.

We want users to connect to TikTok not just for entertainment, but also to learn new things, new skills, or simply find inspiration to do something they’ve never done before. People are already using it that way, and that’s a trend we want to support and accelerate.”

This is an interesting trend!

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