Eugénie Delhaye, co-founder of My Little Big Web, a web agency based in Montreal, gives her opinion on social networks and their impact on your digital marketing. So, how are social networks important?

  • To recruit talent

Social networks are a place of choice for candidates looking for a new company in which to flourish. In fact, they give a lot of information about life in a company, the well-being of employees, and how the company communicates its values.

A company that wants to be modern will communicate on its working methods, the activities it organizes with its teams, and the well-being that remains within the organization. Not having a presence on social networks when it comes to looking for new employees could be compared with not having a credit history. This plays against you.

  • To show your closeness to your customers

Social networks have long been regarded as a hobby, but they have become a real place for exchanges between companies and their customers.

In fact, many customers now use instant messaging from social networks to communicate directly with brands. Personally, I even went through the Facebook page of the Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec to ask them questions rather than wait on the phone to talk to someone.

Having a presence on social networks shows that you are available to answer the various questions, whether for your existing customers or for your potential customers. Internet users have become accustomed to giving their opinion about brands, restaurants, hotels, where everything has a digital image. It is therefore important to be present on these platforms in order to maintain the link with your audience.

  • To increase your awareness

Whatever your sector of activity and if you are in a competitive environment, it is important to increase your reputation by demonstrating your know-how. Social networks are therefore a place to be if you want to relay content related to your industry, share your expertise, and thus show your customers – prospects that you are a reference in your field.

Be aware that more and more consumers regularly conduct research on companies before proceeding with the purchase act. Even if they did not know you through social networks, it is very likely that they will analyze your online presence in order to assess the seriousness of your business. Social networks will often represent one of the first platforms that they will analyze before making their choice.

  • To promote your products and services

Social networks have also increased their success when companies understood that they can promote their products. Even if the core of your web marketing strategy is not necessarily based on social networks because you think your customers are not using these platforms to find you, you will be surprised to find that even in B2B industries (which target businesses), the performance of advertising campaigns on social networks (including Facebook) is often better than in more traditional forms of marketing.

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