Black Friday sales will be largely online. How to ensure a strong web presence for your online store? Interview with Myriam Jessier, who proposes, on November 23, a new training on Isarta on content strategies for e-commerce.

Physical shopping has been strongly impacted by the global pandemic, while online sales have exploded. Black Friday and Christmas will not escape these new market trends.

Many businesses must therefore embark on e-commerce and seek the best tools and techniques to stand out from their competitors.

To do this, several things must be kept in mind, according to Myriam Jessier, technical web marketing specialist, who proposes a new online training on November 23 on the content strategies for e-commerce.

According to her, online sales depend on two different things: algorithms, which read the products offered and promote them, and the public, which seeks to buy them. We must therefore think of these two elements, which constitute the “discoverability” of a product.

In fact, beyond machines, traders must ask themselves how, as human beings, their products are perceived by potential customers.

The important thing is also, and she reminds us, to know your audience, problems and needs. It is by responding to them that a business will know how to position itself more easily than another.

Concrete advice to better promote content

Myriam Jessier advises stores to promote specific content on Black Friday, at Christmas, and at any other similar big party.

She explains, for example, that keeping a Black Friday page on your website can bring in a lot of money.

« This allows Internet users to see whether the promotions promoted last year were worth it or not, and not have to redo the work by recreating a new page, year after year », says the expert.

Myriam Jessier also ads that simple things can be put in place to enhance content and SEO.

« We must go and position ourselves in niches, where the bulk of this world does not go. For example, if you sell soap, is it for babies? Is it for oily skin? Or is it a soap for baby skin problems? All these combinations and problem solving are very specific and useful niches. »

In the same vein, the expert continues this time by giving examples of things to never do. For product sheets, for example:

« Having a product sheet in English and French on the same page is a very common example of what not to do online. Robots find themselves not knowing which language is spoken and how to position this content. It is also essential, and one thing that no one does, to change the titles of product sheets. For a soap store, not all soaps can be called “biodegradable vegan soap”. It doesn’t help the user to choose. »

Training to deepen your knowledge

Myriam Jessier proposes a new online training dedicated to content strategies for electronic commerce. With this, she wants to help companies set up a powerful SEO content strategy for their online store.

This is the perfect training for editors, people in charge of content strategies and e-commerce, as well as for business owners.

She concludes by adding that she is “very confident in my approach, and I am confident that these tools will help businesses stand out.”

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