Eugénie Delhaye, trainer at Isarta and president of the My Little Big Web agency, talks about the importance of objectives in her web marketing strategy.

Why do you invest in web marketing and what are your goals? As surprising as it may seem, companies often invest thousands of dollars in web marketing without really knowing their objectives.

In this article, I will give you a list of the points to be addressed when defining the objectives of your web marketing campaigns.

Do you want to increase your visibility?

The choice of words is important. When we talk about “visibility”, we mainly talk about awareness. For example, if you decide to hire a web agency to help you improve your brand image, it will certainly offer you a social networks management strategy as well as advertising “Display” because the goal will be to expose your brand to a targeted audience.

The goal here will therefore not be to generate sales or contacts but rather “views”, “likes”, “reactions”, “comments”.

Would you like to increase your sales volume?

If you want to increase your sales volume (whether via an online store or a virtual storefront), the web marketing strategy must be thought out accordingly.

Google will remain a must in most cases and it will be necessary to decide whether a strategy of natural referencing (SEO) and/or advertising on the search network will achieve the objectives.

Social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or even YouTube and TikTok will also be considered, depending on your target audience. Again, if you do not know how to choose, I advise you to contact a web marketing agency that offers different services (SEO, online advertising, email campaigns, etc.) in order to identify what is best for you.

The other option would be to do a training on the theme of digital marketing to allow you to learn more before you get started.

Would you like to reduce your customer acquisition costs?

Web marketing is a more recent form of marketing than traditional marketing such as radio, TV, press or street displays. While these forms of marketing still work, web marketing has the huge advantage of being more affordable, more flexible, and making it easier to measure results.

In fact, it is very easy to know how many people on the web have paid attention to your message by clicking on it rather than on an advertisement in the newspaper.

So, you can easily identify your best traffic sources by setting up tracking indicators and thus lower your customer acquisition cost.

Are you consistent with your objectives?

Often, we know we want more sales, more customers, more visibility, but we are not always willing to make the effort. If your goal is to perform better on the web, you will have to ask yourself how far you are willing to go for this, whether in terms of work effort or budget to invest.

An effective way to motivate yourself to take the necessary actions is to carry out a competition analysis. By observing their actions on the web and how they communicate, it will allow you to compare yourself and better identify your strengths and weaknesses.

For example, do they offer a better user experience on their website than you do? Are they present on Google when you type in key terms? Do they have a (even minimal) presence on social networks?

Once all these elements have been collected, it is time to get your hands on the portfolio and give yourself a real chance of achieving the objectives set. Tell yourself one thing: if it is done right, web marketing really works. On the other hand, if you do things halfway, it is better to spend nothing because you would risk doing worse than better.

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