The beginnings of each year are generally conducive to a decline in future trends over the next twelve months. We are no exception to the rule, by providing you with these few lessons learned from diverse reports in the field of the Web and social media.

How far will TikTok go?

Each year, Hubspot and Talkwalker solutions publish a study on the evolution of online consumer expectations. For this year, the platforms clearly cite TikTok as the social network to watch closely. The Chinese giant, plebiscite by young generations around the world, is indeed the first application after Facebook to reach 3 billion downloads.

The novelties of its advertising platform will be closely scrutinized in 2022. But we can already see TikTok’s influence on consumption. Its competitors have also already adopted the format of very short online videos, such as Youtube Shorts or Instagram Reels. Brands, like Cartier for example, diversify their videos by offering long horizontal and short vertical versions.

In addition, sound is becoming increasingly important – remember that music plays a major role in TikTok publications. As a result, 30% of 18-34 year olds report using more social media with audio today than before Covid-19. A great opportunity to be heard!

Content always at the heart of marketers’ concerns

The social media and influencer marketing monitoring and management platform, Meltwater, has also released an annual trend report for 2022. We learn that content creation will represent – without surprise – the major development project of social media professionals. Far ahead of the growing number of followers or business opportunities.

Interestingly, according to this source, most survey respondents indicate that their social media budget will be stable (32% in B2B and 34% in B2C) or increasing (47% in B2B and 51 % in B2C) for 2022. The moderator’s blog explains this trend by growing need for video content, which is generally more expensive to produce. According to the study, social media accounts represent, on average, just under a third (27%) of companies’ total marketing budget.

Inclusiveness in constant progression

As a result of social movements such as Me Too or Black Lives Matter, citizens are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of having diverse and inclusive voices. Concerns that companies will obviously have to take even more into account in their 2022 strategy. Advice suggested by Talkwalker and Hubspot in their report, that’s for sure.

An alternative to television?

We knew the concept of “double screen”, watching television while being connected in parallel on social media from our phone. In its study Think Forward 2022, We Are Social, which drew on the responses of 3,000 people who use social media daily in 6 countries (United States, United Kingdom, France, Ital, China and Australia) reported a “new type of media consumption”.

Whether it is the events on Fortnite or the live content on TikTok and Twitch, we can see a dominant use of social networks for a part of the population to the detriment of television. According to TikTok data, 35% of its users say they have watched less TV and streaming services since they downloaded the app.

The challenge for brands? Succeeding in subtly integrating these platforms! This article discusses the placement of KFC on Marbella Vice, one of Spain’s most famous multiplayer RPF servers, hosted on Grand Theft Auto V.

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