Last March, HR technology experts Romain Charbonneau and Jean-Baptiste Audrerie shared their 2021 favourite applications during a live webinar, then posted on YouTube. The ranking gives an idea of the degree of sophistication of recruitment and HR management tools. Here are three Quebec solutions that caught our attention.

1. Workaxle, for its “contactless” timesheet

Based in Montreal, the Workaxle team offers a workforce planning and optimization platform, powered by artificial intelligence, designed for companies with 100 or more employees.

The platform includes the ability to take attendance at work; a beacon operating via Bluetooth and installed in the workplace communicates with the employee’s cellphone to record their attendance at work. All automated… and contactless!

“Here we have a workforce management tool on steroids, says Romain Charbonneau, President and CEO of HR Horizons. It is a platform that excels in terms of workforce planning and schedule management, in very demanding contexts such as restaurants, hotels, tourism sectors where we have a contingent workforce, which varies a great deal, which rotates and whose schedules are excessively variable.”

2. Presensia, to monitor litigation

Founded in 2015, Presentia stands out as “the only major product in labour relations management”, says Romain Charbonneau. Primarily used in highly unionized environments, the platform unifies all the information about an individual or group grievance – hearing dates, notes and documents required at each regulatory step, contact information of stakeholders and notifications at each step of the process.

“It’s a tool for collaboration between litigants, explains Romain Charbonneau. It’s an affordable solution, with a price ranging from $0.35 to $0.75 per employee. It’s an intuitive solution that promotes rapid user adherence. And it’s constantly evolving according to business needs.”

3. Valital, to see what you write on social media

Valital means “talent validation”. Based in Montreal, the platform helps you validate the digital reputation of the candidates you want to recruit or monitor your employees on the “public” web.

“If you are in an environment that is under the scrutiny of regulation, of journalists, of any risk of this kind, you may need to know things about your future candidates, future partners who are public order, explains Jean-Baptiste Audrerie, Vice President Business Consulting of HR Horizons. They may be somewhere on the web, particularly in situations of misconduct, there is a lot of talk about diversity, behaviour, attitudes and misconduct. Valital can do its validations in seconds.”

Jean-Baptiste Audrerie clarifies that Valital is limited to the public web. Used by public or parapublic organizations, the platform allows a fast “diligence” and then a watch of what is said on the public profiles of the employees’ social networks and escalates the content that can damage the company’s reputation.

“You don’t want to be informed by a partner or the media if one of your partners is behaving inconsequently”, concludes Jean-Baptiste Audrerie.

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